Religious Abuse: When to Leave, How to Heal

When Religious Abuse leads to Religious Deconstruction and Spiritual Evolution

Religious abuse has changed everything for you. What you thought you could trust, no longer feels safe. For this reason, you find yourself wondering what was true. Despite all of the hurt and betrayal, there are parts of you that still miss what used to feel so secure.

Whether deconstructing your faith or embarking on a spiritual evolution this challenges the core of your beliefs. Questioning your beliefs takes courage. As a result, detaching from them can be life-shattering. You may find yourself doubting, angry, hurt, scared, and alone.

According to, 6 in 10 millennials will leave their faith. The religiously unaffiliated is the largest growing group in America. 78% of those who responded ‘None’ to the question of religious affiliation were raised religious.
Leaving your faith may make you feel isolated, or lonely. First thing to remember, you are not alone.

If you have detached from your faith or are deconstructing your belief system and … 

  • Anxiety or panic overtake you
  • Rage, betrayer and fear are always present
  • Holidays, family gatherings and prayer feel triggering
  • Feel shame with sex and your body
  • Struggle with trusting others

…then you may be experiencing the impact of leaving your faith. I am here to walk with you in that journey.

I don’t know what your destination will be. However, I am prepared to sit with you on the hard days as you figure it out. When I got my degree, it was from a Christian University. There was a focus was placed on the intersection of faith and mental health. I don’t currently align with any specific faith or organized religion. Instead, I see value in using the skills learned to better help folks with all spiritual backgrounds. I enjoy working with folks as they explore the impact of their beliefs whether on their emotional or mental health.

It’s important to realize that hurt happens relationally. Whether it’s our relationship with ourselves, others, or the world around us. Spiritual trauma impacts all of these areas. Because of this, I believe that healing happens relationally. I am honored to provide a space where your relational healing can begin.

If you are ready, let’s start today.